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Kelli's is national wholesale distributor that has earned the trust of specialty gift shops since 2000. Their loyal customer base originally centered around hospital gift shops, but has since expanded to hotel gift shops, college bookstores, independent pharmacies, casino gift shops, and other small businesses. The Kelli's product line includes over 5,000 items from more than 500 vendors, which allows customers to consolidate their purchasing into one reliable source. Always keeping the customer's success in mind, Kelli's products and services are catered towards helping small businesses make the most of their retail space.

Cloverkey is a full-service retail solution created to meet the needs of hospitals looking for a partner they can entrust with their gift shop. Defined by its unique wealth of knowledge and experience, Cloverkey creates tailored retail solutions to fit with its partner’s needs. With an unwavering commitment to supporting the overall hospital experience, Cloverkey provides solutions for every aspect of retail operations, including inventory management, point-of-sale software, product selection, labor management, and more.

Candy Corner is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce retailer specializing in the online sale of candy and snacks. Candy Corner sets itself apart by offering an unbeatable selection of popular candy brands as well as hard-to-find confections — all at low, competitive prices. Founded in 2020, Candy Corner takes Kelli's 20+ years of experience shipping chocolate and other candy and applies it to the direct-to-consumer space. Candy Corner customers enjoy fast shipping and meticulous packaging that ensures chocolate and other fragile candy items arrive fresh and intact.