About Us

Lumajak is named after our founders – Mike and Lori Cohen – and their children – Justin and Kelli.

Lumajak offers quality, on-trend items at affordable prices under its Kelli’s, Cloverkey, and Candy Corner brands. We are an inclusive, optimistic, and empowering company that strives for operational excellence while serving the needs of our varied customer base.

Today, the Lumajak family of brands sells to over 15,000 stores and individuals across the United States.


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Learn about our 40+ years of experience in the field of consumer-packaged goods.  We're proud to have over 15,000 customers, from large corporate chains to everyday consumers.

History of Lumajak


Mike and Lori Cohen open up Lori’s Hallmark, a Hallmark store in a strip center in Plano, Texas.


The Cohens open up their first hospital gift shop in Plano General Hospital, now known as Medical City Plano (3901 W 15th St, Plano, Texas 75075).


Kelli’s first wholesale catalog is created.


Lori’s Hallmark is sold to a group of private investors, led by Leonard Lavin, founder of Alberto Culver.  Lori’s Hallmark is renamed Lori’s Gifts.


Kellisgifts.com is launched.


Kelli’s acquires the Mike Feinberg Company's wholesale division, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Kelli’s moves to its current headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.


Kelliloons™, an exclusive line of grab n' go gift sets, are introduced to fill a growing need in the marketplace.


Kelli's acquires American Treats, LLC, based in Sanford, North Carolina.


Kelli’s acquires National Distributors, a division of Agency Wholesale Cosmetics, Incorporated. National Distributors is a Pennsylvania-based wholesale merchandising company offering gifts and general merchandise to a variety of gift shops across the United States.


Candycorner.com is launched.


Cloverykey is launched.

Our Team

Behind Every Great Company…
…is a family of strong‚ talented individuals. Each member of our Executive Team brings a wealth of industry experience to their role. Together‚ the team builds on more than 40 years of experience for quality‚ value, and unparalleled customer service.

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